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The Shoppes at Zion is your elite shopping place for the entire family. Conveniently located off I-15 at exit 8 in sunny St. George, Utah.

Welcome To The Shoppes At Zion.
St. George's Premier Shopping Destination.

Discover premier shopping at The Shoppes at Zion in St. George, Utah, featuring renowned brand names and a diverse selection of over 30 premium shops and restaurants. Nestled in the stunning southwest desert, The Shoppes at Zion provide a metropolitan shopping experience amidst unique natural beauty.

Conveniently located just off I-15 at exit 8, The Shoppes at Zion offer easy access for shoppers. Located only 1.5 hours north of Las Vegas, less than 3 hours from the Grand Canyon, and a short 45-minute drive south of Zion National Park, The Shoppes at Zion are a must-visit destination in the area with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google. 



The Shoppes At Zion stands out as a premier shopping destination in St. George, Utah, offering a diverse array of stores that cater to every shopper’s needs and desires.



From sit-down restaurants offering steak dinners to casual grab-and-go sandwich shops to a dessert options after a meal, there’s something to satisfy every palate.



The Shoppes at Zion goes beyond traditional shopping with its lifestyle offerings like workout options for fitness enthusiasts to a variety of entertainment options.

“Awesome place. You can find a lot of nice things there. Very clean and friendly staff. It is the safest place on earth. You can walk and visit at any time a day. Walking there feels like being in Italy or Greece”
- Erich S

Shoppes Of Zion News & Events

Excitement is always in the air at The Shoppes of Zion! Whether it’s a new shop or restaurant opening their doors or a fabulous sale from one of our amazing stores, there’s never a dull moment here. Come spend time with us shopping, dinning or for entertainment!

soul ramen shoppes of zion

Soul Ramen Korean BBQ Now Open!

Welcome to Soul Ramen, where East Asian culinary traditions come together in a symphony of flavors. Located here at The Shoppes At Zion, our new restaurant offers a unique dining experience that combines the sizzle of Korean barbecue, the warmth of hot pot, the comfort of authentic ramen, or the refreshens of a freshly brewed tea.

Soul Ramen believes in the power of communal dining, where friends and family gather around a shared table to create unforgettable memories. Begin your journey with their tantalizing selection of Korean barbecue, featuring premium cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, marinated in their signature sauces which are grilled to perfection right at your table.

For those craving a cozy and interactive dining experience, dive into their hot pot offerings. Choose from a variety of broths infused with aromatic spices and fresh ingredients, then select your favorite meats, seafood, and vegetables to cook to your liking.

With every dip and swirl, you'll discover new layers of flavor and warmth.

And for those seeking comfort in a bowl, indulge in our authentic ramen creations. From rich and creamy tonkotsu to spicy beef, each bowl is crafted with care using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients. Slurp your noodles with gusto as you savor the soul-soothing broth and tender slices of meat!